Home of the finest curated artisans and their gorgeous creations, from multi-generational makers to trail blazers innovating beautiful craftsmanship to a new level of creation. 

Featuring artisans that cater to all senses of our human body, being dressed head to toe by such great artisans.

Shoe makers and tailors learning their craft from the founding Italian fathers. 

Tie and shirt makers coming from multi-generational family makers.

Trouser makers specialising in the art of fine tuning the perfect bottom half garment, which moves with ease and in sync with one's body.

Perfume and scent makers, filling your surroundings with the promise of the summer breeze and autumn's love.

Furniture and art pieces that will transcend one's senses and comfort to galleries all over the world, to appreciate and be captivated by colours and textures. 

L.C VIA. strives to bring our clients new experiences with every product and creation, that enlightens our senses and more.  

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