The coming together of three generations with the common love and passion for creation. 

This story started in 1965, by Mr. Chow. L whom learned the art of tailoring from the English during the early 60's. And after years of learning this craft, Mr. Chow. L decided to venture out on his own and thus, 'Leong Tailors' was born. And for next 40 years, Mr. Chow. L and his team of master tailors and makers set out to cater his unique house cut to local and international clients, sourcing and bringing in fine textiles way before anybody knew them. 

Third Generation- Mr. Jonathan. C had recently moved back from overseas, having spent half his life away from home, decided it was time to create something of his own, and timing was perfect, as his Grand-Uncle Mr. Chow. L was planning for retirement. 

Taking over the business, Mr. Jonathan. C rebranded, and evolved the whole business, to bring in true blooded artisans from all over the world to cater their gorgeously made creations to discerning clients. 

Together with the lifestyle experience he had gained throughout his years living abroad in Europe and Asia, Mr. Jonathan. C's vision and purpose is to create a venue filled with experiences and stories that would transcend anybody who walks through the doors.

With artisans and partners from all over the world, makers and creators, trail blazers and innovators.

L.C VIA. welcomes you, three generations and more.